Dorothy Coy Moving Online Only Household, Antique, Collectible, and Car Auction *Sale Bill and Photos Posted!*  -  Online Auction

Starts: Thu, Sep 7 at 10:00 AM US/Central

Ends: Wed, Sep 20 at 6:00 PM US/Central

Auction List:
Kitchen table with 2 leafs & 6 chairs
Hutch with 2 glass doors, 42” wide x 18” deep x 74” tall – great condition
Assortment of teacups & saucers, red cups with saucers, coasters
Coffee serving set, floral plates, assortment of candle stick holders
Mr. Coffee coffee maker & toaster
27 ½” microwave stand
Kerosene lantern, Danvers Fire Dept. chemical engine #2
(8) Merchandise tokens from Robert B. Coy
(10) Merchandise tokens
(10) Merchandise tokens
(8) Merchandise tokens
(9) Merchandise tokens
(8) Merchandise tokens
(8) Merchandise tokens
(7) Merchandise tokens
(14) Merchandise tokens
(8) Merchandise tokens
(8) Merchandise tokens
(8) Merchandise tokens
Salt & pepper shakers, butter dish, candy dishes
Misc. floral plates, serving platter, 4 glasses
15 matching cups, 7 tea cups, 8 saucers
Coventry dishes; 6 coffee cups, 8 bowls, 3 large plates
Silver tea set
Stem wear; 22 glasses
9 crystal glasses
Mixer, Betty Crocker waffle maker, electric knife, coffee grinder
Thermos, 5 Pyrex bowls, stainless steel bowl
Cake pans, strainer, rolling pin
Meat grinder, shower curtain, grill topper, 2 cast iron frying pans(Griswold #8), pie plate, plate holders
Kettles, nut chopper, stainless steel mixing bowl set
Crock-pot, casserole dish
Pyrex dish & carrying bad with heating pad
2 baskets, footstool
Dansk Designs candle holder & candles
Saucers, flasks
2 boxes of teacups & saucers in misc. patterns, candy serving dishes
Gold lamp w/ lampshade
Telefunken record player w/ misc. parts & needles, AM/FM radio
Wooden Eatmor cranberry box
Wooden Eatmor cranberry box
Atwoods No. 42 coffee box
Box of misc. kitchen utensils
Blue padded rocking chair
Blue padded rocking chair
Floor lamp
Misc. LP albums
Benson High School choir albums (misc. years)
Misc. LP albums (swing music)
4 misc. albums
50+ misc albums
Misc. albums (classical music)
20+ misc. albums
20+ misc. albums
DVD player with misc. DVDs
End table
Starbuck, MN advertising pieces; plate, ruler, cup, mirror/thermometer
Misc. advertising pieces; cards, box cutters, pins, plate
Danvers, MN advertising pieces; yard sticks, coffee cups, magnets
Benson, MN advertising pieces; coffee cups, calendar, magnets
Willmar, MN advertising pieces; letter openers, ash tray, coffee cups
Misc. advertising pieces; coffee cups, compass
Misc. advertising pieces
State Bank of Danvers advertising pieces; cups, pliers, calendar
3 boxes of cups/glassware; bowls, plates, floral saucers
Misc. place setting mats
Album cabinet 24”x15”x22”
Misc. plates, 6 green glasses, brown pitcher
Plates, fruit design bowl, glass bowls
2 new serving dishes, candlestick holders, misc. glasses
Salt & pepper shakers, 3 bowls, butter dish
Stemware, aluminum dishes, glass bowls
Cookie jars, candy dishes
Serving trays, wooden pig, glass bowl
Misc. Tupperware, small fan, clock radio
Glass serving dishes
Glass serving dishes
Glass serving dishes
Glass serving dishes
Round folding table
Wicker basket
Large water pitcher
Punch bowl (small chip under lid), 8 cups (2 have small chips)
12 champagne glasses
Large punch bowl
3 wooden shelves
Candle stick holders, glass dishes, glass bowls
Misc. collectable cameras; 3 movie cameras, radio, view finder
Collectable cameras; 3 cameras, zoom lens, Meyer pocket range finder
Microscope with slides
Empire 7x50 binoculars
Misc. cups & serving dishes
Misc. jewelry
Misc. blankets, box of misc. fabric
Couch w/ 2 pillows
Misc. cassette tapes
2 boxes of glassware & serving dishes
3 radios (all work)
6 unmarked Coy giveaway serving platters
5 unmarked Coy giveaway serving platters
3 serving plates (blue & silver are from Norway)
Several old MN maps, globe
2 wash boards
Misc. pictures/frames, Irish sweater, music book
5 misc. cups & saucers
Small figurines, Jacks pitch pipe
Lamp w/ stand (needs a little TLC)
3 x 2 mirror
Cabinet 24x17x42
Genesis speakers
Pair of TV trays, magazine rack
Misc. towels & rags, pillow
Magazine rack, chair
VHS player & tapes
3 boxes of cookbooks
Misc. greeting cards & envelopes
Arm chair
Toys, ashtrays
Sea shells, flower vase, candy dish
Staples, stop watch
Hat boxes
Cuff links, shoe spreader
Book shelf
Record cabinet
Christmas ornaments
Potato basket, BBQ set
Flower vase, glassware
Buttons & thread (new old stock)
Buttons & thread (new old stock)
Thread & zippers (new old stock)
Buttons & thread (new old stock)
Vintage shoe rack
Wicker bathroom shelf
Games & flash cards, monopoly
Sleeper loveseat
Ironing board w/ iron
Dirt Devil vacuum
Misc. patterns & sewing supplies
Old piano w/ broken sound board
Misc. ceramic planters
Colored flower vases
Flower vases
Flower vases
Crock-pot, blender, salad master, electric frying pan
Vegetable chopper, fondue set, Farberware open hearth broiler
Empty scotch aluminum tubes
Oil lamp covers
Misc. planters
Flower vases, bowls, empty beer cans(advertising)
Old iron, dog piggy bank
Green stamps
Misc. kitchenware
Minnow basket, cookie tin, antique rolling pins
Ice cream scoop, tin jar
Clothes pins
Door closer, hose end, toilet flush handles
Chords, cheese grater, masher
Misc. cleaning bottles
Misc. dishes; cups, bowls, plates (NOT a complete set)
Cookie tins
Ceramic planters
Aprons, mineral oil
Kettles and canner
Mason jars w/ zinc tops
Misc. wicker baskets
Misc. wicker baskets
Blue glass jars (quarts & pints)
Milk bottles, lamp chimneys
Misc. glass jars
Glass baking dishes, wooden lazy Susan
Misc. coffee pots, spice rack, spice containers
Glass jars
Egg poacher, frying pan, cups, coffee pots
Several glass jars (variety of sizes)
Misc. kitchen utensils
12 kerosene lamp chimneys, lantern glass
White coffee pot, box of glasses
Small crocks
3 bushel baskets
Misc. toys; trucks, toy gun, bowling set, potty chair
Wicker chair
School chair/desk
Arm chair
Christmas tree
Milkhouse heater
Black & Decker circular saw, Craftsman drill
Ryobi sander, glue gun, level, hacksaw
Misc. saws, hand grinder
Shopmate circular saw, open ended wrenches
Torch, shears, pliers, clamps, miter box
Dartboard, stapler, bench brush
Small oil cans, punches, square rod door handles, misc. hand tools
Caulking guns, crow bar, planer
Misc. hand tools, hammers, adjustable wrenches
Bench vise
Misc. drill bits, pipe wrench, oil cans
Misc. buts/bolts/screws & organizer
Pair of saw horses
Wet Dry Shop Vac
5 suitcases
Large wicker basket
Metal shelf
4 drawer dresser
Wall mirror 18x26 & tri-fold mirror
Antique baby scale, baby shoes
Wicker chair, folding table, small end table
Full size bed & spring w/ lamps & clocks
Tin doll house w/ furniture
Bride doll
Cornet w/ mute
Bean pots & jugs
Metal shelf
Violin w/ case (NOT in working order)
Westinghouse sewing machine in cabinet (Needs repair)
Children’s rocking chair w/ painting
Misc. puzzles & games
Misc. children’s books
Book shelf
Old traveling trunk
Single bed
Single bed
Nightstand, organizer, baseball glove
Fruit-crate shelf
Rakes, shovels
Shovels, hoe, broom, saw
Tree pruner
6’ Werner aluminum step ladder
Happy Cooker charcoal grill w/ chimney
Misc. gardening supplies
Roll-top file cabinet
Milkhouse heater
Sled, lawn chairs, totes
Holwick antique electric coffee grinder
Zeno chewing gum dispensers
Wooden barrel spigots
4 tape dispensers
Misc. flower pots
4 boxes of misc. ointments, vitamins, tonics (from the 50s & earlier – different brands of advertising)
Biscuit covers
Button fastener & buttons, brushes, ceramic crock
2 light up Santas
Misc. hand tools; wrenches, rasp, screw drivers, knives, brushes, hammer
2 paper cutters
Burroughs adding machine
Paymaster check writer
Burroughs adding machine
L.C. Smith & Bros. typewriter
Royal typewriter
Approx. 50 store advertising glasses & peg board brackets
3 small crocks
Old shoes, hats, gloves, socks, collars
Style #9 adding machine
Misc. glassware
Lamp chimneys, light covers
Compass, protractors, learning books
Wheeling wash bucket
Pair of Hawthorne cross country skis & poles
2 wheel dolly
Aluminum extension ladder
Tape, flashlight, pencils, matchbook
Stool popcorn tins
Grocery baskets
Extension cords
Oil can, old door latch, popcorn popper
Office supplies, file folders, cashbooks
Funnel, misc. #’s
Ribbon spool display case
Roll paper holder & cutter
Candle holder, figurines
Misc. jars of seed
National Credit System file case
Shelf, flower pots, baseball glove
Toledo no springs honest weight scale w/sign
Perfection oil heater
Kerosene stove
Rotary phone
Western electric pedestal phone
Western electric pedestal phone
Desk lamp
Garbage can, cooler, gutter guards
Flour sacks, filing drawer
Reel to reel tape recorder
Little red wagon
Pedestal fan
Mink shawl
Corn shucker, toaster
40”x40” projector screen
24 drawer cabinet
Light fixture, small ironing board
Misc. signs
Carving sets
Picture frames, Avon items
Wood boxes, cigarette advertising
Flit sprayer
Nativity scenes
Winston thermometers
Yardsticks, glass light fixtures
Misc. cream, sugar, silver plated
Egg holder, misc. tins
Cigarette carton displays
Wood baskets & fruit basket
Wicker baskets
2 nail kegs
Walker chocolate tin, Christmas candy tub
Wood fruit cases
Wood fruit cases
Wood fruit cases
Wood fruit cases
Ice grabber-tongs
Wood crates
Old license plates
Wood crates
Bird bath & feeders
Wood bushel baskets
Wood bushel baskets
Misc. pictures & frames
Misc. pictures & frames
Misc. pictures & frames
Dining room table w/ 4 chairs
Steel kitchen table
1993 Mercury Sable – 105,000 miles, 4 door, PW, PL, AM/FM cassette
Pump Gould Seneca NY
Whirlpool dryer (in working order)
Whirlpool washer (in working order)
Children’s books on wood bookcase
Bookshelf 30 ½ x 18 x 63”
Red stool
Misc. hardware
Misc. hardware
Field & Stream, Fun fish mag
Popular mechanics mag w/ partial erector set
Mad magazine
Ironman comics
Roy Rogers comics
McHales Navy comics
Desk fan
Shelf made from fruit boxes
Misc. games
Misc. linens/towels
Misc. linens/towels