Dennis and Charlie Allen Partial Liquidation Auction  -  Online Auction

Starts: Fri, Apr 24 at 10:00 AM US/Central

Ends: Tue, May 26 at 6:00 PM US/Central

Alice Chalmers WD-45 pedal tractor
Mobilgas gas pump
Shipping scale, 250 lb capacity
Tackle box with miscellaneous tackle
Bale of plastic twine
Two boxes of miscellaneous vinyl, black, red, white, brown, and others
Miscellaneous hardware and staples
Approximately 7 new electric ballast
Assortment of washers and bolts
Assortment of screws
Assortment of drill bits
Staplers, Staples, chain, hedge trimmers, and other miscellaneous
Miscellaneous nuts bolts and other hardware
Small miscellaneous screws
Handheld ax and ax head
Adjustable wrenches
Cable come-a-long
Assortment of vise grips, many different sizes
Crown molding jig for miter saw
Lots of miscellaneous hammers, screwdrivers, files, and more
Handheld sandblaster
To organizers with miscellaneous nuts bolts and washers
Assortment of sawzall blades
Porter-Cable 5/8 inch upholstery stapler with miscellaneous staples
Makita belt sander with belts
10-in random orbital polisher/waxer
Black & Decker router 1 horsepower, ring depth adjustment, all ball bearing construction with miscellaneous router bits
Soldering kit
Craftsman industrial die grinder
Rigid half inch hammer drill, with case
Makita model RF 1100 router with base in case
DeWalt 7 1/4 in electric circular saw
Campbell hausfeld air nailer with assortment of miscellaneous nails
Popular mechanics socket set
(2) 7-piece Brad point drill bit set
2-ton hydraulic bottle jack
Dewalt 18-volt cordless variable speed jigsaw with battery no charger, in working order
DeWalt 18-volt variable speed reciprocating saw, with battery and charger, in working order
Largest assortment of finishing nails, two new boxes of two and a half inch 15 gauge 34 degree and other miscellaneous
20 space bolt bin, 22 and a half inches tall, 30 and a half inches wide, 8 1/2 in deep
DMC organizers
Miscellaneous garage and lawn items, all partially used
Harrison cooled copper radiator
Assortment of plastic and steel wheels
Two full boxes of t8 fluorescent light bulbs, new
20th century arc welder, with helmet and other miscellaneous items
Assortment of wood dolls, four-wheel wood cart,
Assortment of rubber wheels
Shop and security lights
Mirror frame and miscellaneous wood
Campbell Hausfeld air compressor and air tank
Craftsman 12-in two-speed band saw, one and an eighth horsepower
Walker, folding chair, and electric scale with blood pressure machine
Lantern and misc vinyl piece
3-2 gallon gas cans
High pressure 12-volt inflator, jumper cables
2- 1 and 7/8 hitches, 2-in ball, 2-in receiver with 2 and 5/16 inch ball
Not and bolt organizers, Staples, miscellaneous
3 Wood plains
Three wood planes
Miscellaneous hardware
Largest assortment of hammers, screwdrivers, and more
Assortment of different style pliers, 100-ft speed winder, and others
Assortment of wire brushes and wire wheels
Camel netting, shoe polish kits, wasp and hornet killer, and other miscellaneous
Security camera with wiring
6-in hole saw and fish tape
8-in bench top buffer, 3/4 horsepower motor, 3450 RPM
Assortment of drill bits
Nothing bolt organizer with miscellaneous screws
Largest assortment of shoelaces
Assortment of miscellaneous nut symbols
Nothing bolt organizer filled with miscellaneous hardware
Chevrolet Grease caps
Assortment of wood veneer
Miscellaneous paints and stains
Tyco train set
Toy phones
Tyco train set
Sinclair model a pumper collectible diecast metal coin bank
Miscellaneous old toys
Sundrop Chevy pickup with display case
Evenson Hallmark 1956 Golden eagle pedal car
Miscellaneous old toys
Miscellaneous old toy rubber cars
Spur coin banks
Three model semis
10 barn with miscellaneous farm yard toys
Two model plows
Model Antique corn sheller
Schumacher battery maintainer, 1.5 amps
4-in and 5-in drill press bites
Largest assortment of wheels, wooden and rubber
Safety helmets
Woodworking supplies
Two pails of miscellaneous hardware and parts
Blum cabinet hinges and new drawer slides
Assortment of miscellaneous woodworking supplies
Assortment of miscellaneous woodworking supplies
Copper wire stripper
Wilton Chicago scout three and a half inch bench vise
Wood clamps
Caulking guns orbital sander grease gun jigsaw
Chains, hooks
Solder gun and miscellaneous solder wire
Sanding drums deadbolts barometer miscellaneous woodworking material. 2 boxes
Box of miscellaneous hand saws
Wire, outlets, sandpaper, splice cap insulators, torch
Laboratory thermometer, brass weights, clothing rivets
Tap and die set Dremel attachments miscellaneous electrical connectors
Drill bits, spade bits, concrete drill bits, taps, chalk line
Drill bits, number punches, auger bits
Box with electrical equipment, Dremel tool, laser light, oil filter puller
10 snips, large channel locks
Amber, channel locks, vise grip, clamps
Flaring tool, tapcon installation tool
Two Dremel tools and some miscellaneous attachments
Stapler, nut drivers, open and wrenches,
Vice grip, needle nose plier, wire stripper, plier, screwdrivers
Socket sets, drill bit sets
Screwdrivers, crow bar, nut drivers, wire strippers
C clamps
Two levels, c clamps
Punch and chisel set
Torque wrench
Sockets and drivers
Sockets and driver
C clamps
One digital and one mechanical caliper
Sockets, ratchet, extensions
Sockets, ratchets, extensions
punches, chisels
While your connectors, wire, strippers,
Carpenter squares, speed square
Coleman propane lantern
C-clamps, spring wood clamps
Three bar clamps
Two bar clamps, 24-in
5 bar clamps
5 bar clamps
Black & Decker auto clamp, unknown working condition, 2C clamps
Wood clamps
4-C clamps
3-c clamps
3-C clamps
Coleman cooler
Coleman fuel oil camp stove
Thermos cooler
LeSota brass fire extinguisher
Air hose, extension cords
Miscellaneous gloves
4 plastic tarps
2-4 foot levels
4 ft level, 2 ft level
Napa brand tool chest on wheels
Miscellaneous light bulbs, batteries, outlets
Pipe clamps
Pipe clamps
Aprons, records, movies
Old coin banks and model cars
John Deere 323 e compact track loader prestige collection
Mickey mouse Lionel electric trains
Miscellaneous tools and hardware
Ratchet screwdriver
Allied tool set in tractor case
Large assortment of adjustable wrenches and more
Pipe wrenches
Scissors, hardware, strapping tool set
Pair of pipe wrenches
Assortment of opened and wrenches
Assortment of miscellaneous tools in case
Toolbox full of miscellaneous open end wrenches
6-in bench grinder
Nut driver set, files, other miscellaneous tools
Misc garage items and shoe polish
(3) 10' crown molding and other miscellaneous trim pieces
4- electric cords, various lengths
Well pump from Sioux City foundry and boiler company
Large assortment of misc hardware
Assortment of caning for chairs
Master mechanic 14-in drill press, 12-speed, 5/8 inch chuck capacity
30 lb of copper wire
Shop light on stand
Porter-Cable 7p horsepower, 60 gallon, 135 psi, will be disconnected from power, buyer is responsible from removing from floor air compressor, with hose, 220 volt
Wood cabinet, 68-in tall, 18-in wide, 12-in deep
Largest assortment of antique toy and collectible books on shelving, shelving not included
Red jacket pump jack
Two pump jacks
Radial flyer wagon
Happy time racer wagon
Copper wash tub
Indian sculpture kettle, metal stool
One bottom plow
Three cream cans
Wagon and pickaxe handle
One bottom plow
Cast iron bathtub
One bottom plow
Cream can
Mobile sandblaster tank and bag of sand
One bottom plow
One bottom plow
Electric pressure washer
Craftsman pull behind dethatcher
Simcoe pull type boomless yard sprayer with a 20 gallon tank and electric motor
McCormick Deering cream separator
Max, spade, sledgehammer
Creeper, broom, shovels
Aluminum step ladder
Live trap
Approximately 3 ft by 4 1/2 ft two-wheel trailer
Approximately 10 ft by 4 ft 2 wheel trailer
Assortment of lawn and garden tools
Assortment of lawn and garden tools
Assortment of lawn and garden tools
Garden hose and tarp
Miscellaneous pieces of metal various lengths
Aluminum step ladder
Assortment of cast aluminum letters, approx 21 letters
Large assortment of toy wheels
Large assortment of toy wheels
Assortment of toy wheels stickers and more
Largest assortment of toy wheels
Large assortment of toy wheels
30 lb of copper wire in plastic barrel
Arctic air commercial refrigerator Arctic air commercial refrigerator. 74 1/2 in tall, 32 in wide, 29 in deep in working order